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Complete Guide To Canopy LED Lighting

Chances are you’ve probably heard about our X1 LED Work Lights. Available in 5700k and 3000k with a plethora of supporting accessories makes fitting and planning a breeze. Read More..

Teralume Industries - Is This The Ultimate Touring NP300 Navara

Is This The Ultimate Touring NP300 Navara?

Arguably one of the most unique NP300’s driving on Australian roads. A lot of thought, work and planning has gone into the Teralume Industries NP300 resulting in an incredibly reliable and capable touring vehicle. Read More..

Teralume Industries - What Gear Does Crashpad Use?

What Gear Does Crashpad Use?

We got the call from Brett at Crashpad in 2019. Needless to say, we delivered. Both Crashpad vehicles have the full Teralume package. Read more..

Teralume Industries - Lux Vs Lumens - The Great Debate

Lux vs. Lumens – The Great Debate!

Remember these 3 things when choosing any lighting to suit long distance driving or even crawling through tight tracks at night. Read more…

Teralume Industries - LED Driving Lights - Complete Buyers Guide

Complete LED Driving Light Buyers Guide

By now, you would have heard about LED Driving Lights taking the market by storm. It can be hard to decipher exactly what to look for when making a decision. Read more..

Teralume Industries - LED Light Bars - Complete Buyers Guide

Complete LED Light Bar Buyers Guide

In this guide, we will seek clarity and plunge into the truths of LED technology. We will also go through the applications and technical jargon, ensuring you make an educated decision when the times come to invest in an LED light bar!

Teralume Industries - IP Ratings - What Does It Mean?

IP ratings. What do they mean?

While we cover a huge range of LED lighting, our most common IP ratings are 68 and 69K. So for quick reference, these are defined below…

Teralume Industries - How Does Afterpay Work

How Does AfterPay Work?

AfterPay is quickly becoming the primary financing option for us. Click here to find out more about how to use AfterPay…