Canopy Lighting Kit – Premium Pro


What’s Included:

6x X1 Work Lights – White
3x X1 Work Lights – Amber
4x 3m Wiring Extensions
5x 5m Wiring Extensions
9x 30 Degree Bases
2x 20w Charge Work Lights – Scene
2x 40w Charge Work Lights – Diffused
2x 40 Charge Midnight Covers

Premium Pro Canopy Lighting Kit

We’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to. The Premium Pro Canopy Lighting Kit is our largest kit including both interior and exterior lighting, made for the real lighting enthusiast!

Like A Pro

The Premium Pro package is the ultimate solution for any serious lighting enthusiast. Our package is designed to fit the requirements of larger vehicle applications.

Featuring a well thought out interior and exterior package, there really is no need for further upgrades or more light. Naturally, our work light range has been rigorously tested and is suitable for all-weather environments. 

Teralume is the first and only company in Australia to offer a fully terminated wiring platform to support the entire X-range of underbody lights. This means you can extend your wiring without chopping, hacking or soldering.

Premium Pro Kit Inclusions

6x X1 - White

We’ve included 6x 5700k X1’s to ensure we meet the demands and requirements of a large scale lighting setup.

3x X1 - Amber

The 3x 3000k Amber X1’s are a perfect match in 2:1 ratio to the white model X1’s.


4x 3m Wiring Extensions

In true Plug & Play nature, Teralume is first and only company to assist with wiring with our extensions.


5x 5m Wiring Extensions

In true Plug & Play nature, Teralume is first and only company to assist with wiring with our extensions.

9x 30 Degree Bases

9x angled bases are included, to ensure a perfect and individual fit of each X1. With this inclusion, you will now have flat and 30 degree base options.

2x 20w Scene Beam

Typically mounted on the sides of canopies and roof racks, the 20w Scene owns the darkness with a stunning wide beam. 

2x 40w Diffused Beam

Our most powerful work light option. Featuring a fully diffused face for optimal beam use, the 40w Diffused is a excellent option for demanding requirments.

2x 40w Midnight Covers

Our 40w dress covers finish off the street appeal in the day light hours. Let others know your covered by Teralume! Simply clip on and off as required.