Driving Light Harness Suit NP300


Plug & Play
Specific to NP300 SL, ST and ST-X
5 Year Warranty
ADR Compliant

Our Quik-Fit wiring harness is the ultimate play and plug system. If you have any forward facing auxiliary lighting, they must be installed to only activate with high beam and also have a manual override allowing them to be completely switched off.

The Quik-Fit harness allows simple plug & play installation for NP300’s that are factory fitted with LED headlights. We’ve taken care of all the challenges that are found with the over-sensitive NP300 electrical system and produced a high-quality plug and play harness.

SL, ST and ST-X LED Headlights
NP300 Specific

You’ve probably seen all the problems that others are encountering when the purchase a generic plug and play harness. The Nissan Navara 2015+ features a complex and sophisticated CAN bus system which is primarily controlled through the IPDM (Intelligent Power Distribution Module). Installing non-compatible wiring and electronics can cause the IPDM to fail, resulting in a huge headache.

Our latest NP300 harness has been tried and tested on our shop vehicle with great results. Intelligent circuitry senses the vehicles switching polarity automatically to ensure no harm is done to any electronics.

Support & Instructions

We’ve designed a dedicated support portal to assist you in all your lighting ventures. We’re continuously adding new instructions, tips and guides to help you get the job done.

Nissan’s IPDM is known for issues and can be ultra-sensitive to change, we’ve seen these modules self destruct from simple things such as blown reverse lights. Think of the IPDM as a supercomputer, its common to hear the modules “blow up”, which is not technically correct. They simply malfunction and, in some circumstances, they can be reset and recalibrated.

The IPDM can malfunction from the addition of:

  • Fuses & auxiliary switches
  • Bullbar indicators and park lights
  • Driving light harnesses and headlight adaptors
  • Blown bulbs
Fitting Instructions – Click Here

What's Included

  • Teralume Industries™ Quik-Fit Wiring Harness – Double Plug DT &  DTP to suit 2015+ NP300
  • Headlight Adaptors
  • Waterproof Switch
  • 60amp Waterproof Relay


  • Polarity Sensitive Automatically senses the vehicles switching polarity. No need to worry or research your vehicles switching polarity.
  • Direct OE Fit – Fits directly into the back of the LED NP300 headlight.
  • CAN bus Friendly – Will not throw codes or affect the sensitive IPDM CANbus system.
  • Quik-Fit Harness Compatible – Our Quik-Fit Harness is designed to work seamlessly with the adaptors.
  • 5 Year Warranty – An Australian company with an Australian no-nonsense 5-year warranty.
  • Plug & Play – No need to splice in and solder. The Quik Fit adaptor is 100% plug and play for SL, ST and STX 2015+ NP300’s.