Festoon 31mm LED Bulb White – Pair


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31mm Festoon

31mm Festoon LED Globe Brilliant White - Pair

Teralume’s high power, brilliant 6000k white 31mm Festoon LED Bulbs are the ultimate direct fit upgrade for any vehicle interior. CANbus safe and designed to last with our 3 Year No B.S. Warranty.

Brilliant White - 6000k
Bright & Clear

Feeling a little left in the dark at night? It’s time to give a new spark to the inside of your vehicle. Our latest festoon LED conversion provides a significant improvement in light volume over halogen. Brilliant white light every night of the week, nobody does LED like Teralume!

207% Increase In Output
Another Level

Our Festoons are on another level. Expect a huge increase in light output from a safe, more viable light source.

  • 207% increase in performance over halogen is made possible by a special automotive grade LUXEON Lumileds 3020 LEDs
  • Half the current draw of Halogen
  • Double the performance of Halogen
  • Stunning brilliant white light – 6000k
CANbus Ready
It Just Works

You can expect a direct fit, every time. Our Festoon LED conversions obtains a 97% pass-through for even the most advanced CANbus systems!

  • PWM dimming function 
  • No “lamp out” errors
  • No hyper-flashing

What's Included

  • Pair of Teralume Industries 31mm LED Festoon Bulbs – Brilliant White


  • Voltage – 9-16V DC (12V Vehicles Only)
  • Warranty – 3 Year Replacement Warranty
  • Amps – 2w / 0.15A @ 12V DC (each)
  • Vibration – Vibration dampened and shockproof to 28G
  • Diodes – 6x LUXEON Lumileds 3020 LEDs
  • CRI – 80+ CRI targeted at 85°C
  • Lumens – 200 Effective Lumens (each)
  • Light Beam – 180° Beam
  • Cooling – Anodised 6061 Aluminum
  • Ingress – IP65 Protection
  • Polarity – Non-Polarity Sensitive
  • Interference – CISPR25 Class 3
  • Lifespan – 30,000 Hours
  • Operating Temp  -40°C to +85°C
  • Certification – CE, ROHS, CANBUS


  • CANBUS Safe – Built-in CANBUS decoder means no ‘lamp out’ errors or hyper-flashing while maintaining factory CANBUS dimming features.
  • Direct Fit – Designed to fit any and all 31mm festoon applications – You can upgrade the lot!
  • Constant Current – The LED driver ensures your bulb is evenly lit and protected against current spikes.
  • Dust & Weatherproof – IP65 protective coatings keep your bulbs going through humid, dusty conditions.
  • Interference Free – CISPR25. These bulbs won’t interfere with electronics such as your UHF/CB Radio or cellular devices.
  • ULTRA Low Current Draw – Drawing less that 2Watts, you can won’t have to worry about your start battery going flat.
  • 3 Year Warranty – An Australian company with an Australian no nonsense 3 year warranty.
  • 30,000 Hour Life – Trouble free operation year after year, or we’ll replace them!