H4 Canbus Decoder


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LED Headlight Correction
H4 CANbus Decoder Module

Our CANbus modules are specifically designed with resistors and microprocessor to 100% eliminate multiplex CANbus malfunctions, polarity correction and load correction.

Why do you need a CANbus correction module?

All vehicles have a different base wiring system. Building a ‘one size fits all’ style solution can be challenging and sometimes unreliable. To combat the subtle differences in wiring systems, we’ve built a plug and play module that offers a complete solution to for all wiring systems!

How do I know if I need to order this?

Before each and every set of headlights leaves our warehouse, we ensure that make the effort to call you to decipher whether you need a module set or not.

Known Vehicles:

  • 60/70 Series Toyota LC Owners
  • Pre 2000 Suzuki Owners

Support & Instructions

We’ve designed a dedicated support portal to assist you in all your lighting ventures. We’re continuously adding new instructions, tips and guides to help you get the job done.

Known Vehicles:

  • 60/70 Series Toyota LC Owners
  • Pre 2000 Suzuki Owners
Does my Jeep Wrangler JK need this?

What's Included

  • 2x Teralume Industries H4 CANbus correction modules (PAIR)


  • Polarity Sensitive – Automatically senses the vehicles switching polarity. No need to worry or research your vehicles switching polarity.
  • Direct OE Fit – Fits directly into the back of a H4 headlight plug.
  • CANbus Friendly – Will not throw codes or affect sensitive CANbus systems.
  • Quik-Fit Harness Compatible – Our Quik-Fit Harness is designed to work seamlessly with the adaptors.
  • 5 Year Warranty – An Australian company with an Australian no-nonsense 5-year warranty.
  • Plug & Play – No need to splice in and solder.