LED Light Bar Bracket – Rhino Rack V2 Platform


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Make fitting easier with our quick and easy mounting system for the Rhino Rack Platform V2. Our new design accommodates all 3 Teralume Industries Light Bar models.


Width Adjustable

We get it, not all setups are the same. Our mounting system takes advantage of the Rhino Rack™ channels and allows our mounts to slide across the whole width of the front and rear of the rack to get that perfect fit!

Height Adjustable

Our system allows a multitude of different light bar profiles with the slots on both sides of the bracket. Each setup is different and getting that perfect look if always important.


E-Coated and further powder coated with Du-Pont coatings will keep your mounting system protected against harsh UV and salty environments for years to come!

Ultra Strong

A standard Terlaume Industries ethos, everything is over-engineered. 5mm thick brackets and 2 mounting points for each bracket will ensure any lightbar that’s mounted won’t budge!

Everything Included

We’ve done all the hard work for you! Everything you needs included in the box, we’ve even included Nylon washers to protect your bracket from your lightbar fixings!


A quick and easy solution to light bar fitment for the V2 Platform Rack by Rhino Rack™.  Our mounting system can be adjusted to accommodate different light bar sizes to get the perfect fit. You’re also able to adjust the height of your light bar using the slots on the side of each bracket.

Design Registration: 202016244

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What's Included

  • Teralume Industries Light Bar Brackets (Left + Right)
  • 4x M6 20mm SS Bolts
  • 4x Specific Channel Nuts
  • 4x M6 SS Washers
  • 6x M6 Nylon Washers
  • 4x M6 Spring Washers 
Teralume- Industries - Rhino-Rack Light Bar Brackets